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Ege Meşrubat

Aegean Bagalali The past of the Aegean as Gazoz is based on the 1950s in İzmir. It is also one of the oldest sodas of Aegean Region and Turkey.

In the 1950s, our Grand Daddy gave all the open-air cinemas, coffee shops, the flavor he had distributed in wooden cans, a taste that became known and loved at that time; Aytunç Bagalali, with his brothers, teammates, and partners, in particular, has become a world brand like in the 1950s with a taste of lemon and delicious raspberries.

It is a success of the Bagalali Family that the world can taste the true taste of Izmir and make it in the best quality and most economical way.

"Ege Bagalali Gazoz", which is exporting to many countries and strengthening the economy of the country, is located in Switzerland as a central and the main warehouse in Holland, is able to transport all of Europe even your order is one pallet.

We pride ourselves in meeting the world market by increasing the brand value of Aegean and İzmir and increasing the quality of the economy of Turkey with our honor.

When we look back on this long road which we past, we return to look at the traces of our greatest value honesty.

Aegean Bagalali Gazoz Family